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Pieces of Perspective | Sept. 26 - Nov. 1

Featuring artworks by: Chelese Hawkins, Rik Sargent, Lindsey Wilson, Brian Rendon, Mark Whistler and Max LaRue, the show encourages the viewers to explore the artists’ perspectives as well as their own.

Vibrant colors, bronze sculptures, and back lit paintings, showcase Art Gallery at
the DPAC and Backstage Coffee’s newest exhibition “Pieces of Perspective”.

Two Artists Talks:
A method to their madness, that spark of inspiration; what drives an artist’s creative juices? Here is an
opportunity to ask the artists what triggers their creativity or why they use a specific medium for their message.

Saturday, October 18 (10 – 11:30 AM) with artists: Mark Whistler, Chelese Hawkins, and Brian Rendon
Saturday, October 25 (10 – 11:30 AM) with artists: Max LaRue, Lindsey Wilson, and Rik Sargent
For more information please visit: Art Gallery at the DPAC


First Friday Opening and City Dreams Giveaway | August 2, 2013
Win an original painting valued at $1,200

City Dreams, MarkWhistlerGallery.com, and the Art Gallery at the DPAC are very excited to announce a special giveaway this week!

Contribute any amount to the City Dreams Movie campaign – this week – and you are automatically entered to win an original painting (donated by Mark Whistler) – titled City Dreams this Friday!

The City Dreams painting is 48" x 60" (very big!), and is currently showing at The Art Gallery at the DPAC directly next to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. At the First Friday Opening this week – the winner will be drawn at 8:30 PM... City Dreams Movie Campaign is located at:

Here are the details:

About Mark Whistler:

Mark Whistler is the author of eight books and is the Founder of the MarkWhistlerGallery.com. Mark is also the founder of The Art Gallery at the DPAC. Whistler's work is collected internationally, and is currently showing in New York City, Baltimore, and Denver. Over the past few years, Whistler has used his work to benefit many charitable organizations including The Denver Hospice (The Mask Project), The Children's Hospital, and Resilient Futures International (RFI), just to name a few.

Image of Work to be Given Away at 8:30 PM on Friday, August 2, 2013.

City Dreams | Mark Whistler | Acrylic on Canvas | 2013 | 48" x 60"

First Friday Opening and New Artists | May - June 2013

Introducing Michael Reiger and Greg Neel.
Please come see both artist's work at the Art Gallery at the DPAC during the months of May and June in 2013.
First Friday receptions are on May 3, 2013 and June 7, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
For more information please visit: Art Gallery at the DPAC


First Friday Opening and New Artist | January 2013

Please join us on January 4, 2012 from 7:00PM to 11:00PM
at The Art Gallery at the DCPA for First Friday in Denver Colorado.
Artist: Chris Kates
Location: 1000 14th St #B, Denver, Colorado 80202
Please click here to visit The Art Gallery at the DCPA's Website

October First Friday Art Opening in Denver

Please join us on October 5, 2012 from 7:00PM to 11:00PM
at The Art Gallery at the DCPA for First Friday in Denver Colorado.
Artist: Mark Whistler Location: 1000 14th St #B, Denver, Colorado 80202
Please click here to visit The Art Gallery at the DCPA's Website


Two New Artists on MarkWhistlerGallery.com! | September 2012

Introducing Avant-garde airbrush artist Thomas "Detour" Evans
View Detour's incredible work HERE

Also introducing vibrant and beautiful work by Chelese Hawkins
View Chelese's amazing organic work HERE

New Artist on MarkWhistlerGallery.com! | August 2012

Introducing photographer Maureen Zwick
View Maureen's incredible photography HERE

New Art Works Added | July 2012

Please see Jessica Gerome's new artwork just added...
View Jessica's new Mixed Media work HERE

The Mask Project | July 2012

The Mask Project 2012 Bidding Site is Now Open!
Please Support the Denver Hospice by
Bidding on Mark Whistler's Mask Contribution.


Remembering Vasco Gil Da Costa | March 2012

Sadly, brilliant and amazing Portuguese painter,
Vasco Gil Da Costa, passed away in 2011...
Markwhistlergallery.com would like to
pay tribute to Vasco, his artwork, and his family...

Please view Vasco's work HERE

Restarting The Russian Photographer | January 2012

Please help Russian Photographer Kirill Melentiev
Click HERE to HELP make a DREAM REAL!



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